As questions are asked, we'll consult this High Elf oracle and make sure that answers are scribed here.

What is Adania?

Adania is the fantasy world that our free-to-play play-&-earn games will be based on and take place within. It is a wild place, full of adventure and danger, with hidden treasures and secrets to discover!

What kind of video games? 

We’re making a competitive trading card game called Adania Cards, a RPG sidescroller game called Adania Dungeoncrawler, and have plans for a few others. Our games will be developed in Unity.

When/why/how/woo mint? 

Wen? - Depends on the project. Our website will have updates and our Twitter/Discord will have more real time information. Adania Adventurers are minting right now!
Why? - The Adania Adventurers NFTs will be how we fund development of Adania Cards. Luckily we’ve kept costs relatively low, so if we do sell the collection completely we'll be able to put a lot of this back into development of additional features.
How? - We’ll post detailed instructions on our website for how to mint when we launch - minting information will only ever be posted through our website (double-check that it is https://adania.io).
Woo? - Woo!

How do I use my NFT's to play the games? 

When the game is launched, you’ll make an account with us and tie your wallet to the account. Then those NFTs will be used by the game.

Do I have to buy NFTs to play? 

Nope! Each of our games will be free-to-play. In Adania Cards, you’ll be able to start off with a set of free cards in game. You’ll also be able to earn cards and characters without having to pay for them.

What benefits do Adania Adventurers have? 

Adania Adventurers are blessed by the gods and cannot be permanently killed, other than when they choose to be. Our free to play preset adventurers will not have this particular blessing and will be cremated (burned!) instead. This will occur in different ways in different games. More details to be released in future as we get closer to releasing games, and balance for fairness in each.

Adania Adventurers are also the best way to support us. Owning one of these adventurers marks you as an OG player - a pioneer in our world of Adania.

While we will never make our games pay-to-win, there will be ongoing bonuses to owning Adania Adventurers over time.

What do the stats on Adania Adventurers mean? 

Weapon: This is your adventurer’s ability with a weapon! The score ranges from 1-5, with 5 being absolute masters with their chosen weapon and 1 being proficient.
Armour: This score represents your adventurer’s defence in general, with 5 being very well protected and 1 being less covered.
d20: This is a random score. In some games a higher score will be favourable, in others a lower score, or a mid-range might be best! We’ll try and change these through games, so each adventurer has their own speciality.

Which currency can I use to buy packs of Adania Cards? 

ADA is the currency used to buy packs of cards. You can convert other currencies to ADA using exchanges, then transfer that ADA to a wallet to be able to purchase.

Can I trade cards with other players? 

Yes! These are NFTs on Cardano, so you can trade freely outside of the game, or use the escrow service we will provide in game.

Do you have Discord?

We do! Look up at the top-right of the page for a link!

When is the mint?

Adania Adventurers are already minting!

Adania Cards will be minting during Q2 2022.